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Memorial de Curitiba - Museu Brasil

Memorial de Curitiba

From Tuesday to Friday, 9am-12am and 1pm-6pm; on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, 9am-3pm.

Memorial de Curitiba (Memorial of Curitiba)

Opened in 1996 on the city’s 300 year anniversary the Memorial de Curitiba (Memorial of Curitiba) is a versatile space and suitable for a variety of cultural activities such as exhibitions, conferences, performing and musical performances. Its facilities include exhibition halls, a belvedere and a theatre. The modern building, with sides and roof made of glass, contrasts with the robustness of the historic downtown buildings. The inner courtyard offers visitors moments of contemplation: there are sculptures from Zaco Paraná, Poty Lazzarotto and a reproduction of Tocadora de Guitarra (Guitar Player) from Victor Becheret.  

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