Museu Biológico (Instituto Butantan)

Museu Biológico - Instituto Butantan (Biological Museum - Butantan Institute)

The Museu Biológico (Biological Museum) of Instituto Butantan (Butantan Institute), created in 1966, exhibits live animals in terrariums that recreate the natural environment of these species. Visitors are able to see some of the most famous poisonous animals such as spiders, scorpions, pit vipers and rattlesnakes as well as lizards and amphibians. In the Institute it is also possible to visit the Museu de Microbiologia (Microbiology Museum) that carries an exhibition about the unseen world of microbes and the Museu Histórico (Historical Museum), which brings together research objects from laboratories and from the production of the Instituto Butantan (Butantan Institute). This is one of the largest biomedical research centres in the world, responsible for 51% of vaccines and 56% of sera for prophylactic and curative use in the country.

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