Museu do Açude (Museus Raymundo Ottoni de Castro Maya)

Museu do Açude (Museus Castro Maya) Dam Museum (Museum Castro Maya)

The father of Raymundo Ottoni de Castro Maya (1894-1968) acquired the property of Alto da Boa Vista, in the Floresta da Tijuca (Tijuca Forest). With an area of 151,132 square meters and with the purpose of relating the cultural to the natural heritage, the Museu do Açude (Dam Museum), with facilities that keep a certain neo-colonial face, hosts the most significant Brazilian public collection of oriental art. There are around 400 objects from Japan, China, India and Thailand. A visit to the set of buildings and Portuguese-inspired gardens that make up the museum is an invite to appreciate the tile collections with French, Dutch, Spanish and above all Portuguese panels from the seventeenth to the nineteenth centuries.

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