Museu do Automóvel (Curitiba)

From Tuesday to Friday, 1h30pm-4h45pm; on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, 10am-12am and 1h30pm-5h45pm.

Museu do Automóvel (Automobile Museum)

The Museu do Automóvel (Automobile Museum) was established in 1976 by an initiative of the Clube de Automóveis e Antiguidades Mecânicas do Paraná - CAAMP (Automobile Club and Mechanical Antiques of Paraná), association of passionate collectors of antique cars. There are over 150 antique models constantly alternating in the 80 parking spaces of the museum. The cars exhibited belong to members of CAAMP themselves and are classified into four categories: antique, vintage, classic and milestones. Next to motorcycles, bicycles, carriages and other rarities, visitors can appreciate the McLaren M23, donated by Philip Morris, with which Emerson Fittipaldi became Formula 1 world champion in 1974.

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