Museu do Automóvel (Fortaleza)

Museu do Automóvel (Automobile Museum)

Established in June 1981, the Museu do Automóvel (Ceará Automobile Museum) offers visitors an exhibition with a variety of antique automobiles models. The 'Veteran Car Club of Ceará' maintains the museum and the collection on display is made of vehicles from club members. It brings together 57 national and imported models manufactured between 1910 and 1970. Among the rarities, the oldest in the collection is the Ford T 1917, popularly known as Ford 'with moustache'. It is also possible to enjoy a Cadillac Limousine 1940 that belonged to former president Getúlio Vargas as well as hearses that circulated in Fortaleza until the 1960s.

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