Museu Henriqueta Catharino e Museu do Traje e do Têxtil

Museu Henriqueta Catharino / Museu do Traje e do Têxtil (Museum Henriqueta Catharino / Museum of Costume and Textile)

Based in the Fundação Instituto Feminino da Bahia (Foundation of the Women's Institute of Bahia), a big house with rooms and lounges carefully decorated with objects and furniture of the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the collection of the Museu Henriqueta Catharino (Museum Henriqueta Catharino) and of the Museu do Traje e do Têxtil (Museum of Costume and Textile) originated in the private collection and donation campaigns promoted by the creator of the Institute. Driven by the desire to expand the spaces of individual development for women, Henriqueta Martins Catharino (1886-1969) founded the Instituto Feminino (Women's Institute) in 1923, and the construction of the current building began in 1937. Apart from the collections of porcelain, crystal and silverware, the collection of garments is one of the finest in Brazil, with outfits from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

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