Museu Inimá de Paula

On Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, 10am-6h30pm; on Thursdays, 12am-8h30pm; on Sundays, 10am-4h30pm.

Museu Inimá de Paula (Museum Inimá de Paula)

Opened in April 2008, the Museu Inimá de Paula (Museum Inimá de Paula) has a permanent collection dedicated to the work and life of Minas Gerais painter Inimá de Paula (1919-1999), who has in the strong and broad brushstrokes and craftsmanship with colours the most striking features of his work. The central room displays about 100 works of the artist in constant rotation, a reconstitution of his studio and a presentation of his self-portraits. The Virtual Gallery allows, in a simple and modern way, the visitor’s contact with more than 1,800 cataloged works from the artist. The space is open to other cultural activities and receives itinerant exhibits.

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