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Museu Nacional - UFRJ - Museu Brasil

Museu Nacional - UFRJ

Museu Nacional - Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (National Museum - Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)

The Museu Nacional (National Museum), created by D. João VI in 1818, has a collection of about 20 million items and is considered the largest Museum of Natural History in Latin America. Located since 1892 in the former Paço Imperial de São Cristóvão (Imperial Palace of São Cristovão), it settled permanently as a centre for research and scientific publication from 1946 onwards, when it joined the current Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro). Together with valuable items exhibited from different scientific areas - such as zoology, paleontology and biological anthropology collections - the museum has a valuable collection of books - including a collection of the personal books of Empress Leopoldina - and also of documents.


Felipe Milanez @ Wikimedia Commons



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