Solar Ferrão

From Tuesday to Friday, 12am-6pm; on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, 12am-5pm.

Solar Ferrão (Ferrão’s Manor)

Listed by IPHAN (National Institute of Historic and Artistic Heritage) in 1938, the Solar Ferrão (Ferrão’s Manor) is an art, culture and memory venue, installed in one of the most important monuments of the historic center of Salvador. The mansion was built around the late seventeenth and early eighteenth century and has six floors. It houses the Galeria Solar Ferrão (Solar Ferrão Gallery), the Museu Abelardo Rodrigues (Museum Abelardo Rodrigues) and four collections: the Arte Africana (African Art) - Claudio Masella, the Arte Popular (Popular Art), with pieces that symbolize the Northeast popular culture, the Plásticas Sonoras (Visual Sounds) by Walter Smetak and the Instrumentos Musicais Tradicionais (Traditional Musical Instruments) - Emilia Biancardi, with over a thousand pieces and musical instruments collected, created and recreated, originating from different continents.

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